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The former Zambian President, who was a darling of the West and the Christian right, is in court for defrauding the state while in office. Details of his extravagant lifestyle include the following, are emerging in court: “Mr. Chiluba owned more than 100 pairs of size 6 shoes, many affixed with his initials in brass. He is just a little over five feet tall, and each pair has heels close to two inches high.

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Remix of Kanye West’s “Heartless” by Johannesburg-based Zubz rapping about one of the issues the Zuma Administration will inherit in South Africa.

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Homosexuality is still illegal in Zambia, and it’s possible to be prosecuted and jailed for sodomy. So although it would be a bit too extreme to say that it’s underground or hidden, it does take a little luck or effort to find. I recently had the good fortune to meet a couple who agreed to give me some insights into gay Lusaka. Joshua Banda (35) and his partner Greg Mbewe (28)* have been together for eight years, having met in 2000 through mutual friends. Judging by what they say, they are at the hub of a vibrant and lively gay community in Lusaka. Their stories and experiences make it clear how ridiculous it is to claim, as some still do, that homosexuality is “un-African”.

The introduction of a piece on gay underground culture in the Zambian capital by a friend of mine, Brett Davidson (remember him from the Playlist series).

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