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From a video by the company, African Ancestry promoting the very profitable business of tracing African-Americans’ DNA . Judge Hatchett, if you don’t know, is an American “TV judge. The popular face of this process is the actor Isaiah Washington and one of is key “intellectual” boosters, for a while, was the academic Henry Louis Gates, until he became a critic.

(BTW, if you missed it, in the clip above, ‘Judge Hatchett” is shown a video detailing her heritage and “Hoosey”” is supposed to be “Hausa.” Later Benin is mangled as ‘Benay.’

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A new exhibition in New York City on the Italian-born, French “explorer,” Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza as a ‘good’ colonialist in contrast to Henry Stanley, because Brazza worked for the French. In 2009.


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