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It can’t get better than this.

US popular culture is discovering the Cameroonian first lady and her unique hairstyles in a big way.

The official reason for her visit to Los Angeles was an “African First Ladies Health Summit.”

Blogs here can’t get enough of her. And Biya can’t get enough of the cameras as this slideshow by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, show.


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“My Super Sweet 16,” was an annoying MTV series that “revels in the excess of coming-of-age birthday parties for the rich crowd.” Now MTV have come up with an even better idea. Some of the kids have not grown up or are worse than annoying now. To teach these kids life lessons, what do you do?: Get their parents to agree to send them for “a week of re-education at the hands of the Masai in Kenya, a Thai family living off elephant tourism money, and Andean llama herders.” And film it. And of course the producers have lofty ideals. Something about helping Africans. I know.

The New York Times take here.

And if you can still stomach it, the trailer and the series webpage

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Serious. Paris Hilton said this.


Buy her a map.  Tell that to the people who live in that region.

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