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PR shot from reality TV producer Mark Burnett’s (credits: “Survivor” and “The Apprentice”) latest venture, “Expedition Africa: Stanley and Livingstone” that sends “… a team of high-energy, frequently fractious, quasi-professional explorers on a trip to recreate [Henry] Stanley’s 1871 journey to find [David] Livingstone, the lost titan of African exploration.” (that’s not my words, that the approving description in a New York Times story this weekend).


There’s also this quote about how Mr Burnett prepared for the series:

“… He even rewatched films like “Out of Africa” and “King Solomon’s Mines” to “get the fabric of the lensing we could do on the show,” with wide-vista shots and gauzy cinematography.

I am tired.

This is on TV because they can still get away with this.

If you don’t mind throwing up, go check out the show’s website.


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A new exhibition in New York City on the Italian-born, French “explorer,” Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza as a ‘good’ colonialist in contrast to Henry Stanley, because Brazza worked for the French. In 2009.


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Full-page advert in The New York Times for Anderson Cooper‘s show on CNN, AC360. I did not have time to scan, so ripped it from the paper. I have no further comment.

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