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The former Zambian President, who was a darling of the West and the Christian right, is in court for defrauding the state while in office. Details of his extravagant lifestyle include the following, are emerging in court: “Mr. Chiluba owned more than 100 pairs of size 6 shoes, many affixed with his initials in brass. He is just a little over five feet tall, and each pair has heels close to two inches high.

More from The New York Times


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It can’t get better than this.

US popular culture is discovering the Cameroonian first lady and her unique hairstyles in a big way.

The official reason for her visit to Los Angeles was an “African First Ladies Health Summit.”

Blogs here can’t get enough of her. And Biya can’t get enough of the cameras as this slideshow by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, show.

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Like the fact that the borough’s official motto is that of Apartheid South Africa. Serious: “Een Draght Mackt Maght.” That’s because they both have Dutch origins.

More here.

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I was in a waiting room with my wife when she pointed to a story in our local rightwing tabloid, The New York Post:


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“… In a worldwide survey of 50 populations, a team of geneticists has identified many fingerprints of natural selection in the human genome. These are sites on the genome where specific sequences of DNA show signs of having become more common in the population, presumably because they helped their owners adapt to new climates, diseases or other factors.

The genetic regions where natural selection has acted turn out to differ in various populations, doubtless because each has been molded by different local forces on each continent.

This chart shows the sites along the genome (listed at the left) at which natural selection has occurred in the genome of eight regional groups (shown at top). These are 1) Biaka pygmies, 2) Bantu-speaking Africans, 3) Western Europeans, 4) Middle Easterners, 5) South Asians (people of Pakistan and India), 6) East Asians, 7) Oceanians and Native Americans. The colored bars show the degree of selection at each site, with yellow denoting a signal of clear but moderate statistical significance and red denoting high statistical significance…”

In the pages of The New York Times.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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From a video by the company, African Ancestry promoting the very profitable business of tracing African-Americans’ DNA . Judge Hatchett, if you don’t know, is an American “TV judge. The popular face of this process is the actor Isaiah Washington and one of is key “intellectual” boosters, for a while, was the academic Henry Louis Gates, until he became a critic.

(BTW, if you missed it, in the clip above, ‘Judge Hatchett” is shown a video detailing her heritage and “Hoosey”” is supposed to be “Hausa.” Later Benin is mangled as ‘Benay.’

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Nice video. Phone cards, fashion, people (his friends?), photographs, games, books (Amos Tutuola‘s “The Palm Wine Drunkard”), Fela records, among others, are referenced by US-based soul singer Siji to re-imagine “home” in the video for his samba-inflected tune “Yearning For Home”: So is home 1970s Nigeria? nu-soul, boho New York City? Or does it matter?

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